Wildthings Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Thanks To All Our Supporters! ( sorry we cant list all )

 Whether it is a bag of birdseed, old rags for bedding, money for vet bills, transportiong or any of the many ways of helping us........THANK YOU!!  Here are just a few of the people that have helped along the way:

  Here is the start of the new list for the new year:

Allyson  (sent nice warm blankets for our babies & some $$)

Wildlife We've helped (2010)

  •  Coopers Hawk
  • Pygmy Owl

Our Wish List

  •  Any kind of fresh goods: produce like vegetables & fruits are in high demand year around
  •  Formula: Esblac ( puppy ), KMR ( kitten ), Multi-milk, or powered goats milk
  •  Chicken scratch, chicken starter, chicken maintenance, most types of bird seed
  •  Natural foods or Habitat: Pinon nuts, duck-weed, branches, bags of leaves, ect.
  •  Lactated Ringers, Pedialite
  •  Rags: anything soft and unfrayed ( T-shirts/baby blankets/towels/ect. )
  •  Mixed grain baby cereal / Oatmeal / Cheerios
  •  Rodent blocks
  •  Plastic childs wading pools ( please make sure they are leak free )
  •  ANY left over building or fencing materials: wood, half bags of cement, or ? , call we probably will take it
  • Heating pads (to help keep our babies warm)
  •  $$$ for vet bills, food, and other supplies

Wildlife Rehabbers

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Nuisance Problems

 If your having conflict with wildlife, go to the Nuisance Problems page for help with:

  • Pigeons

  • Bats

  • Foxes

  • Raccoons

  • Bears

  • And other critters

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