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North American Bears (part two)

         The Mighty Grizzly

     The Grizzly or Kodiak Bear is on the top of the food chain.  They can be 8ft tall and weigh 800 lbs, and still run 30 miles an hour.  Grizzlys are a North American sub-species of the Brown Bear.  So a Grizzly is a Brown Bear or a Brown Bear is a Grizzly or..... well you get the idea.  Above is a great picture showing the distinctive "hump" between the shoulders that only Grizzly Bears have.

    Unlike Black Bears the Grizzly Bear is more apt to dig his den than "find" one.  Once they find a suitable hillside, with maybe some good bushes to camouflage the entrance,   they dig their hidden retreat to ride out the cold winter to come. 

    The mighy grizzly loves to fill his diet with little things.  Leaves, berries, roots, insects, nuts, rodents, and salmon (OK, Salmon are not little!) mainly fill his diet but they can also aquire a taste for roadkill and yes..... trash.  And a trash bear is a dead bear.  That means their imprinted on by humans to the point of losing their fear of us, that makes it dangerous. This is where you can be "Bear Aware" and keep your trash up, dog/cat food put up and save a live... maybe several.  Please be respectful of our Wild Neighbors.

     Once the Mighty Grizzly roamed a good part of the United States.  Now there are only around a thousand.   Status: Threatened