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Common Questions Asked

1. What do I do if I find a baby bird or animal ?

   Please reffer to the link above "Wildlife Emergencies" that goes into that in great detail.

2. What do I do if I find an adult animal that I think is either sick or injured ?

   Click on the link above titled "Wildlife Emergencies"

3. Why can't I just take care of the bird / animal ?

    One good reason is that in the state of Colorado it is illegal to have in your possession ( except for transport time. ).  The next reason is please let the experts handle them.  We have been trained in injuries, and diets. Even a Robin can bite, and all wildlife can have bugs or a disease.  It's just not worth the risk! It's OK to carefully contain the animal in a box or carrier ( reffer to wildlife emergencies ) until you can get it transported to the closest Rehab facility. Not only can they inflict wounds, but they also can carry quite a variety of disease. Please keep children and pets at a distance. Pleease don't feed or water it! We don't know the injuries it has, it might have internal problems that we don't know yet. Plus it takes special training to know how to properly take care of wildlife.

4. I have a bear in my yard....what do i do?!?

    Most of us DO have bears in their neighborhoods. Unless you are inner city ( sometimes even then ) you have lots of wildlife in your yard. It's just at night and no one see's them! It's our eco system at work. The best thing to do, unless they are aggresive towards you, is stay in the house and do nothing. He probably just got caught away from his den in the day time. For more information on Nuisance Animals look at the sidebar towards the bottom under Nuicance Problems .

5. What do I do to get rid of a skunk? 

Ewww! NOBODY likes to live with the smell of skunk ( not even me & i love the fun little things! Their kinda like having the bear....everyone has at least one, sometimes quite a few. It depends on the eco-system around your house. For instance, you wouldn't have skunks if you didn't have something they can eat. And don't worry unless you have a smorgasboard of yummies when the babies hit a certain age they move on to find their own den & food source. Usually that's in the fall, September , October. If your getting the smell at this time of year it's because they're trying to hit someone else's food source. But ....we all know sometimes being roomates just don't work, this is could be one of those cases. The striped skunks can't climb, they can only get into the trash if it is already knocked over.

For more ideas go to the North Dakota link on side, or other nuicance specific sites .