Wildthings Public Wildlife Education

About Us

    Dennis & I (Chris)  started rehabbing in 1998.  Our young sons came bouncing in with a tiny baby bunny.  By the time I got the poor little thing to the rehabber I had killed it (not intentionally!!).  So I wanted to learn how for it not to happen again.  For awhile I just volunteered to help the rehabber.  Then since she was forty miles away I started to learn how to do it on my own, boy was that scary!  And Wildthings Wildlife Center was born.  Every year, as we had the opportunity to train with experts in specific fields, we would add a critter or two to our list of what we could rehabbed.  Now, we take in most wildlife native to Colorado.  

    Rehabbing for us is a family affair.  Rehab season is all-consuming.  Everyone around me, family and friends are usually put to work.  If we dont have critters then we are getting ready for when critters come in.  We love it!!  We also have a weird assortment of rescued critters that live with us year around.  Cats, dog, parakeets, cockatiels, my special-needs flock of ducks & geese.....I bet by now you get we are animal lovers!  Oh well, you must be too or you wouldn't be reading this!


  • Squirrel Rehabilitation Workshop (presented by Shirley & Allan Casey)
  • Water Birds & Passerines (Nancy Kelly of Second Chance Wildlife)
  • Medium to large mammals (Cec Sanders of Wet Mountain Wildlife)
  • Raptors (Diana at Pueblo Nature and Raptor Center, Sigrid Ueblacker from Birds of Prey Foundation)
  • Homeopathy in Wildlife Workshop (vets: Rachel Blackmer & Janice Facinelli, rehabbers: Allan & Shirley Casey & Bridget Sparks
  • Rabbit Rehab Workshop (presented by Diana Orr of Texas) 
  • Wildlife First Aid & Acute Trauma Care Workshop (vets: Blackmer, rehabber: Shirley Casey
  • Colorado Council for Wildlife Rehabilitation Educational Symposium  (every year they offer an assortment of training & we go every year) 

    This is just a bit of the education we have done over the years.  There have been way too many classes/workshops and training sessions to list.  Then we also are covered by State & Federal licenses.