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Spring is here, just ask the wildlife...

Whether feathered or furred here in Colorado its time for animals to set up a place to raise this years young. Here are a few links to "nest cams", eagle, osprey, barred owl. Hope you enjoy!




Wildlife Conflicts


        As the weather gets warmer and us and our pets spend more time outside there is also more chance for wildlife conflicts. Please be kind. Remember the wildlife is just trying to do the same thing we are, raising a family. And there are no babysitters in the wild. So sometimes they do get themselves into trouble!

If you are having a wildlife issue and need help use the "Helpful Links" page or contact us.  Wildthingsrehab@yahoo.com




 If you find a fawn how do you know it needs help? Look at the tips of its ears. Are they drooping? Or are they firm and stand up? If they're curled the fawn is dehydrated and

needs help.